Bed and breakfast pinewoods for an intimate enviroment

Villa Tonia offers an intimate and reserved environment, finding itself immersed in a pine forest and surrounded by valuable olive groves which will lead you all the way to Savelletri di Fasano. The quiet surroundings will encourage your privacy and invigorate your spirit. Walking, photographing glimpses of the villa and stopping in the shade of its plants are unmissable experiences for nature lovers.

The wide spaces embracing the bed and breakfast are a real Oasis in which to spend the hottest hours of the day, learning to know and appreciate the Mediterranean plants of Fasano. On the back of a hammock or lying on a bed, available for guests for free, you may enjoy relax and privacy throughout your stay. There is no lack of fruit trees in this oasis, a natural harmony of life.

Bicycle rental at the b&b

The Villa Tonia bed and breakfast offers bicycles to its guests in order to enjoy the pleasant landscapes of Fasano all around the villa, as well as for venturing between the paths of olive trees and farms dotting the entire territory up to the sea of ​​Savelletri. With the b&b’s owners you may plan your perfect bike ride among dry stone walls, blades and olive groves of Fasano, in order to return home regenerated in body and spirit, with exceptional photographs, taken especially at sunset.

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